Dog Hiking Trips

Dog Group Hiking

Dog owners! Do you want to tire your dog out while adding some fulfillment to their day? Send your dog(s) on a hike with us!

Whether you are busy with work and family or physically unable to exercise your dog enough, we can help. Our hiking trips aim to give your dog a regularly scheduled adventure that they wouldn't ordinarily get and to drop off a tired and satisfied family companion. They'll be in the great outdoors, interacting with other dog friends, and some wildlife of course.

We plan destination group hikes all around Klamath Falls, Medford/Ashland, Bend and the surrounding areas. The service includes pick up and drop off of your dog. We also understand that dogs can get dirty while out hiking so ask us about our optional brushing and bathing service prior to drop off so your dog is clean and ready for your carpets and couches!


    What Type Of Service Are You Interested In?

    What to Expect

    First steps:

    • Get in Touch!
    • Schedule your FREE consultation!

    After you get in touch, we'll schedule your FREE consultation to meet you and your dog. There we'll discuss the details of your dog's specific pick up/drop off routine and any special care instructions.

    Hiking Services:

    • Pick your dog(s) up from your home!
    • Take them on a destination dog hiking adventure!
    • Get photo and video updates on Milazzo K9 social media!
    • Get live location tracking to see where your dog is!
    • Optional brushing and bathing service!
    • Drop your tired and happy best friend(s) back off at your home!

    After the consultation, no one is required to be home except for your dog. We schedule weekly trips to dog friendly hiking trails whenever possible. Get in touch for more info or to schedule your FREE consultation!

    Why Group Hiking With Dogs?

    Today’s world is hectic, and all of us have gotten caught up at work or overbooked ourselves at least once. It’s never an ideal scenario, but when you have a dog waiting for you at home it can become problematic.

    Dogs are a lot like humans in that they need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Instead of searching for dog friendly hiking trails near me, let us do the work for you! You won't have to do the planning or the hiking so your dog can exercise with a view while you get those last few errands done, finish up at work, take the kids for ice cream, or lay in the sun with a drink! While hiking with your dog, they will be taking in the smells, sights, and sounds all along the trail, which is a great way to tire them out mentally as well as physically.

    We are a husband & wife team that absolutely love dogs and the outdoors. Seeing a dog that’s happy and excited to be going out for a walk is one of the best feelings in the world to us. We enjoy it so much with our dogs that we wanted to be able to help you bring the same joy to your dogs even if you don't have the time.

    We believe that fresh air and regular trips into nature are exactly what all dogs deserve and what gives them the most joy. So if you are looking for "dog hiking near me" or "hiking trails near me dog friendly" get in touch with us today! We like to make each adventure as interesting as we possibly can, while leaving you feeling confident that your dog is safe and well. Our number one priority is your dogs' safety. We can’t wait for them to join the pack - a hiking dog is a happy dog!

    Dog Hiking Gear

    One great part about this program is that your dog doesn't need anything but a leash and a collar to participate! With that said, our dogs have become very fond of some special dog hiking gear. Regular equipment for our personal dogs includes a specialized dog hiking harness, bungee leashes, a dog hiking pack (backpack), and dog boots for tougher terrain. Hiking with a dog isn't the same as a walk in the park so purpose built equipment can help make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable for your best friend.

    We can help! Get in touch with us to ask about our favorite items, brands and get special discounts on certain products!