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Hi, my name is Tony Milazzo. I’m a dog trainer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My specialty is dog training, tracking, obedience, and protection for a sport called IGP, also known as Schutzhund.

Schutzhund Training cape cod

I had dogs my whole life growing up. My first full time pay check out of college turned into my German Shepherd, Django, and that’s where my Schutzhund journey began. I trained with an amazing mentor who taught me almost everything I know and turned me into a National and World level competitor. Then in 2018 I took over as the trainer at Cape Cod Schutzhund Club.

“Dog training is my passion and every dog that comes into my care gets treated like my own. I always have the dogs’ best interest in mind and it is my goal to improve the relationship between every dog and owner I meet.


Milazzo K9
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Dog Training Philosophy

I use a balanced training method and teach all new exercises in a positive manner. I strive to be sure each dog knows what we are asking of them before moving on. Each dog is an individual and they are treated as such in my program.

Dog Training Can Help With:

Dog Trainer Cape Cod

There are numerous training techniques when it comes to dogs. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, they both can benefit from the healthy stimulant and rewarding outcome that comes with mastering a lesson. Some private dog trainers use crates, special collars, toys, and other ideas to gain obedience with a dog.

Positive reinforcement is one of the best methods for effectively training dogs. The nuts and bolts of this technique involves rewarding a desired behavior immediately after it happens. This will help the dog understand that doing “this” or doing “that” will give them a good thing or feeling. Incorrect behaviors results in no reward. Dogs are habitual and will repeat specific behaviors if they associate them with rewards. Positive reinforcement not only trains a dog well, it also is a simple way to strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

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Why Is Dog Training Important?

Training your dog will change both your lives dramatically.

Your dog will be able to travel everywhere with a great attitude unlike some travel buddies you know.

Dog training will no doubt create a pleasant and rewarding relationship with your new or old best doggy friend. Whether you have a German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Beagle, or any of the hundreds of breeds, they all can be trained and learn life long skills!

When you take the time to properly train your pooch you are adding to the fulfillment of both your lives. You are solving problems before they arise. You are allowing your friends and family to share the natural gift dogs possess in a safe and enjoyable manner. You are saving yourself a major headache too! Are you prepared for a fantastic adventure that is full of cute things your dog will do, interesting games that teach them, positive reinforcement to align desired behavior, and some frustration that can only be relieved with a good laugh? Excellent! You’re making a prudent decision to invest in training your dog with a professional.

Areas We Service:

We provide dog training, puppy training, Schutzhund training, board and train services to our clients in Cape Cod, Boston, Providence, Plymouth, Bourne, Hyannis, Yarmouth, Pocasset, Falmouth, Barnstable, Centerville, Osterville, Marstons Mills, Dennis, Sagamore, Sagamore Beach, Buzzards Bay, Wareham, Ellisville, Marion, Rochester, Mattapoisett, Carver, New Bedford, Middleborough, Lakeville, Achushnet, Kingston, Duxbury, Hingham, Halifax, Hanover, Rockland, Quincy, Braintree, Pembroke, Bridgewater, Milton, Canton, and more.


    Preferred Method of Communication:

    Dog Training Cape Cod

    Training your dog is one of the most important things you can do to build a positive experience for you and your pet. It’s also very rewarding.

    How does having an obedient dog that you can take anywhere sound? Imagine taking a freeing road trip from Boston to the beautiful Cape Cod area with a well trained K9. Or driving up the California coast to see the Hearst Castle? You could make stops at all the lovely sites and not worry about your dog running into traffic or chasing a squirrel when you’re not looking. Being able to open up your car door and have your dog remain patiently sitting, takes effective obedience training. And that peace of mind is entirely worth it.

    Think about your guests that come over… dogs love to jump and play with everyone! But there is a time and place. Whether you believe it or not, most people will judge a person on how their dog acts and reacts. Do you want to be that wild dog owner that no one wants to see? No. No, you don’t. You want to be admired for having such a sweet dog that has the manners of an angel.

    With consistent conditioning, he or she will behave in wonderful ways you would not believe possible. With proper obedience training, you can ensure that when someone comes to the front door, your dog is already in his bed observing, making you look like the top notch dog owner you aspire to be.

    Schutzhund cape cod

    Puppy Training Cape Cod

    puppy training

    Puppies! They are even cuter than human babies if you ask me (yes, I play favorites). BUT puppies also are extraordinarily wild in their actions and without proper training, they will chew your shoes, bark out of control, jump on your guests, and do many annoying things. The sooner you start to instill good training habits, the less bad habits you will have to fix later in life. That’s why proper puppy training is the answer to all your future troubles.

    When it comes to training puppies, you must be prepared ahead of time to have a successful outcome. Get educated on dogs. Read about what to expect when getting a puppy and how to prepare your home and car. Get a crate. Crate training will create a safe place for your dog and look into “crate games” to add to the mix. Another simple thing is to always have a quality chew toy handy! This will help keep them chewing on the toy rather than your TV remote or worse.

    Be sure to start off with boundaries and rules in the first 24 hours of bringing your puppy home. Also, think about applying your core beliefs to your dog and have an end goal when raising it. At the end of the day, as the owner you have the discretion to decide what is acceptable behavior for your dog! This takes patience, determination and repetition so be sure to make it fun for you as well. And when it seems impossible to train your dog just remember to listen to your trainer!

    Dog Obedience

    Dogs are well suited for a structured lifestyle versus one with too much free rein, however, that structure can be tailored to fit your desires! As a dog owner, you may think it’s important that your dog waits patiently on their bed to greet new people who enter your home. You may also be fine with an excited but controlled greeting right at the door. The important thing is that you set the boundaries you are comfortable with and that you are consistent with enforcing the rules.

    private dog training cape cod ma

    Obedience Training Cape Cod

    Dog obedience training is very important for many reasons. It provides a job and mental stimulation that can’t be replaced with a bigger bowl of food or more love for your pet.

    Obedience training may include:

    • Walking on a loose leash
    • Off leash training
    • Sit, down, stay commands
    • A “place” command
    • Heeling
    • And more…


    Schutzhund was created to be the breed suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog. Over the years it has become a sport where dogs of all breeds compete to prove their capabilities as a quality working animal. They are judged on skills in three different phases: obedience, protection, and tracking. It originated in Germany and is formerly known in the United States as the acronym IPO (English translation: International Examination Regulations) but eventually turned into IGP (English translation: International Utility Dog trial regulations).

    Although the sport favored mainly German Shepherds in the beginning, Schutzhund competition eventually grew to have several competitive breeds from around the world.

    Schutzhund dog training cape cod

    Schutzhund Training Cape Cod

    protection dog training cape cod

    This competitive sport was not only a testing ground for the best working dogs, but also a special place where like minded dog owners could socialize and connect. Both owners and dogs work extremely hard to achieve the very best results and the most dedicated of them continue to national and even international championships.

    In German, Schutzhund means “protection dog”. Whether you decide to take on training your dog all by your self or to hire a dog training professional, in the end you will thank yourself. Especially if you start with a puppy. However, there is evidence that suggests you will reach your training goals 5 times faster with a professional dog trainer.

    Private Dog Training Cape Cod

    Private dog training takes place at a professional facility, at your home or any other suitable location, which often has dog owners and their dogs learning together. This is helpful to be sure both dog and handler are on the same page with their dog obedience training and figure out what questions they might have. It is a wise option if you plan to take your dog to social occasions like friends houses, parks, hotels, and other public places where distractions may take place.

    Private lessons can be a great way to save time versus a group lesson and focus on accomplishing specific goals without the stress of added distractions around.

    In Home Dog Training Cape Cod

    Private trainers may come to your home and tailor lessons specifically for your dog in regard to your lifestyle. This is beneficial because certain issues only arise at home and often times, this is the most important place for your dog to behave. In time, you can take training steps outside of the house and eventually to a nearby park, but it should start in the home.

    When the trainer is not present you will need to do your homework! That means repeating what you have been taught, keeping track of the progress, and writing down any questions you have for the next session. Since dogs are living animals with minds of their own, all dog training requires maintenance and consistency after the initial training is complete.

    When private trainers come to your home they will focus on the basics first; clear communication with your best friend. This will greatly assist in eradicating pesky behaviors such as jumping, barking, barging out the door, counter surfing and pulling on the leash. You will find instant relief the very first day and begin to get excited as the sessions unfold each time.

    Dog Board and Train Cape Cod

    Board and Train Near Me

    If in home training and private lessons are not an option and you’re short on time, a board and train could be your best bet. This can jump start your dog’s obedience training without you being there. It’s like a bootcamp for dogs and can be anywhere from two weeks to multiple months away from your wild pup. But when he or she reunites with you, a well mannered dog may be refreshing. Get his/her favorite treat ready as they show off their new and improved skills.