Puppy Training Services

Puppy Training Cape Cod

While you can train a dog at any age, it is far better to start when they are impressionable puppies. When you hire a professional dog trainer, your puppy will learn how to behave at home, outside, and in social situations.

It is good practice to start off with consistent rules as soon as you bring your puppy home.

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Puppy Obedience Training Cape Cod

puppy obedience cape cod ma

Having a puppy can be a godsend or a gift from the underworld. Much of this depends on the training they receive. Communicate clearly and you will start to see improvements all around. Positive reinforcement is the first method we’ll use when training puppies and is something our qualified dog trainer will help you perfect. Who doesn’t love a snack for doing something right?

So, start out on the right foot and get into puppy training. Get a puppy obedience trainer to shape the behavior and attitude you want from your new best friend.

Positive Crate Training Cape Cod

Crate training is key to getting your pup in the groove of learning. It also can create a safe place for your dog. The basics of the idea is to gradually teach how to relax in a small space they can call their retreat.

The benefits? Besides being a puppy place of solitude, it will be a safe haven when you cannot be on supervision duty. It also can create a boundary for children as to when to not play with the puppy. Be sure to do your research and find a solid crate with a trusted locking system. Get a crate!